Astro-Challenge 2022

After seeing how well our dedicated students practised last year, we are continuing with our studio-wide song challenge. So in 2022, we are introducing Astro-Challenge!

Astro-challenge will encourage consistent practice throughout the year with students receiving prizes for completing songs. 

This year, however, student’s songs will be tracked on Teachworks, giving both teachers & students’ families a clear picture of their progression. 

 In addition, each fortnight we will make an announcement on Facebook of the top 3 teachers with students in the lead. The first teacher to get their student “to the moon” by completing 30 songs will win a cash bonus of $150! The two runners up teachers will receive a $100 cash bonus.

What is the Astro-Challenge?
A space themed musical challenge that will encourage students to play up to 30 songs throughout the year. Almost one song a week!

What are the prizes?
Complete 30 Songs: Gold Space Medal
Complete 20 Songs: Silver Space Medal
Complete 15 Songs: Bronze Space Medal

What songs can students practice?
The songs do not have to be space related. Our main goal is to encourage students to consistently practise and progress, hence students are required to practice a mix of “super challenging”, “challenging” and “own choice songs”. 

How do we track student’s progress?
This year, we will be digitally tracking students progress using the “Repertoire Tracker” on Teachworks. Each song your student starts learning can be added to the “Repertoire Tracker”, found under the “Students” menu in Teachworks.

Teachers are trusted in assessing their own students progress and marking each song as complete when they feel the song is complete. There will be no external marking of each completed song.

When adding a new song into the tracker, be sure to enter the following fields:

  • Select your student
  • Song Title
  • Composer
  • Difficulty
  • Status as “In Progress”, until you can set it as “Completed”
  • Date Started, and Date Completed once “Completed”
  • If your student shares a lesson with their sibling / more than one student comes up under the same family name, add a note for which student this piece of repertoire belongs to!
  • Then press Save.